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Rustic Curling / Shuffleboard & Dining Top 3 in 1 Game - Antique Slate - 10'
Table Dimensions: 123.25”L x 26.25”W x 34.25”H
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Behold our newest addition to the Cool Curling lineup, the Rustic 3 in 1 game table set. Enjoy the best of both shuffleboard and curling in one awesome & complete package and the additional benefit of that also features a three-section hard dining top, providing you with more dining space for your guests! The Rustic model features a beautiful wood-grain antique finish in durable high-grade, easy-care mdf and is available in eight or ten-foot sizes. Two finishes to choose from; Antique-look slate grey or mahogany will look gorgeous in your home or cottage. Thick top rails and square beam pedestal legs (3 on the 10’ and 2 on the 8’ model) are finished with 6” wide chrome foot levelers. The inside walls are lined with elegant black velvet all around. The 3 in 1 shuffleboard and curling game comes with two deluxe sets of game pieces; our 16 set ergonomic handled 89gr stone set AND an 8-piece 105 gram-weight, 36mm shuffleboard puck in deluxe case set.

We’ve even upgraded our uber popular perimeter LED lighting. Now featuring a multi-mode remote control to change light colours and patterns! The LED’s also feature an easy access on/off switch, power adapter (included) and battery compartment in case you don’t readily have access to a wall plug (AA batteries not included).

Now you can be among the first players anywhere to own a shuffleboard table game where the pucks actually curl! Draw around your own or your opponent’s guards. Stone and puck set are carefully material, and color coordinated and engineered to work with our exclusive Cool Curling Pebble formula for optimal playability. Each Rustic table is topped off with rich table graphics and rings. We’ve added multi-coloured rings to the Rustic model. The Slate grey game includes black/silver stones and pucks and the mahogany set features red/blue stones and pucks. Make the Rustic an eye-catching must have for your home game room or establishment. This durable table is also ideal for frequent-play venues. It comes with all the bells and whistles including a deluxe fitted cover and finish coordinating metal-framed scoreboard. Also included is pebble, wax, scoring marker and eraser and our upgraded board sweep for when it’s time to sweep away the used pebble into the gutter and resurface ~ Just like ice! With that special look and feel that matches the ambiance of the game, it is truly an experience to be had.

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Just Like Ice
Cool Curling has developed its table-top curl to precisely match the rock movement of curling on ice. Here's how it works...
The Surface and Pebble
Cool Curling’s game board is coated with a durable polymer laminate surface. Our pebble consists of thousands of microscopic plastic ball bearings that cling to the surface’s electrostatic charge. The rocks glide with near zero friction, allowing for shot weight sensitivity.
The Rocks
Each of your game’s 16 die cast steel rocks is precision machined to duplicate a curling stone’s contact surface. The rocks are then plated or powder coated to assure a smooth, durable finish.
The Pucks
Our exclusive 8 piece die cast stainless steel, precision machined puck set. Specially sized and weighted for a game of shuffleboard that curls and comes in its own deluxe carrying case.
1-2-3 Traditional Scoring with Wall-Mounted Abacus Scoring Bead Score-Keeper
Traditional shuffleboard 1-2-3 scoring on the only dual shuffleboard curling table in the world where your game pieces actually curl!

LED Brilliance
Remote control operated RGB multi-mode LED perimeter lighting with on/off switch. Operates with either 4 x AA batteries (not included) or a/c power adapter (included).
Adjustable Curl
Mounted under the game board are a series of brackets which allow players to easily adjust the amount of curl along the length of the table.
Quality Workmanship
Conceptualized and designed in Canada, Cool Curling game tables, rocks, scoreboards and other accessories are proudly produced by skilled craftsmen in a quality-controlled environment and with exclusive materials and components sourced from only the best suppliers. Our commitment to quality shows in our customers’ appreciation of owning a beautifully hand-crafted table for their home or business.
Similar to how rocks draw on a real sheet of ice after you’ve gone through delivery, our weight-sensitive stones curl where intended. Whether it is through a port to come around or drawing to the button behind cover, players will feel like they are playing the roaring game for real.
Today’s fast-paced world provides a challenge to find the time to partake in activities we enjoy. Curling enthusiasts always make the time to indulge in their favourite diversion. Enjoyable and competitive, it makes a difference.
Imagine a playing surface that reacts the same as perfect ice conditions. Only Cool Curling can provide the unmatched realism that can only be compared to the real sport, with an adjustable curl to offer any condition imaginable.
Table Comes With
*The scoreboard includes a marker and eraser brush. Wet brush to erase game scores promptly after game is over. Do not use permanent marker.
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the rustic curling table
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