Terms and Conditions - US Customers
The Warranty
Cool Curling warrants each Cool Curling game table against defective materials and workmanship for five years with the original purchaser (the Owner). Cool Curling will repair or replace, at its sole discretion, any table component or material and/or accessories & playing equipment proven to be defective. This warranty does not imply Cool Curling will replace the table.


All other warranties, expressed or implied, statutory or otherwise, are excluded. Cool Curling has not assumed or authorized any other person to assume for it any other liability or warranty in connection with the table.

For five years after the date of sale of the Cool Curling game table to the Owner, this warranty will cover the replacement of defective components or material and labor costs associated with related repairs.
Conditions and Limitations
  • If your package is received in damaged condition, it must be reported through us to the carrier that delivered it immediately and noted on the delivery receipt, theirs and yours. Check your items carefully. Merchandise damaged due to shipping negligence will be charged back to the carrier. Failure to note any carton damage on the delivery slip at the time of delivery on both copies may render this warranty null and void.
  • The Owner must register his or her ownership with Cool Curling by completing and submitting the online warranty card within 30 days of receipt of said product.
  • The warranty is not transferable and may be enforced only by the original Owner.
  • This warranty does not cover assembly or table leveling.
  • This warranty does not include a replacement table or "loaner" during the period that the table is defective or whiles the table is being repaired.

Any breakage or failure must be proven to Cool Curling's satisfaction to be due solely to a defect in workmanship or material. Any damage caused by carelessness, improper treatment, adjustment by the Owner or another party, willful or negligent act or omission of the Owner or another party, damage to or destruction of the building in which the table is installed or any of its systems, or failure to care for the table in accordance with any maintenance instructions or recommendations provided by Cool Curling, including a failure to maintain proper environmental conditions, is excluded from coverage under this warranty.

This warranty does not apply to tables used in an institutional or commercial setting and does not apply to damage due to normal wear and tear, abuse or misuse, damage to the playing surface caused by either rough play, neglect or failure to regularly maintain (clean, wax, apply sufficient pebble), fire, flood or any other natural calamities.

Any replacement parts or material will be delivered to the place of installation specified on the Cool Curling warranty form.

Cool Curling will have no liability whatsoever if repairs or replacements are made by anyone not approved by Cool Curling in writing.

Cool Curling will not be liable for direct, consequential, incidental or special damages (including, without limitation loss of business or profits or economic loss) or for punitive, statutory, or exemplary damages, resulting from or in any manner relating to the table, the use of the table, or any breach by Cool Curling of this warranty. The sole and exclusive remedy of the Owner will be the repair, correction or replacement, at Cool Curling's sole discretion, of the defective component of the table pursuant to this warranty.
Returns & Refunds

Accessories; Accessories such as stone sets can be returned within 30 days of delivery at the buyer’s expense. Upon return receipt and provided the item is in its new and original condition, a refund in full LESS the cost of actual outbound shipping will be issued. We do not charge a restocking fee on accessories.

Game Tables; Extensive care is taken in preparing our Cool Curling game tables for secure shipping by freight carriers (ie. packing and packaging materials, palletization, and strapping) to ensure safe delivery. Accordingly, and pursuant to our Limited Warranty, opened game tables are not eligible to return. For more details, please read our Warranty Policy.

Canceling an Order

You can cancel any order before it ships. However, once an item has been shipped, it cannot be canceled.

If you missed the window to cancel the order, you can always set up a return or exchange of UNOPENED merchandise ahead of time, and then send the item back once it arrives. Please note;

  • Return shipping and associated costs such as customs clearance (US orders only) are the sole responsibility of the buyer.
  • FREE SHIPPING means we have absorbed the cost of shipping. The cost of outbound freight in the rare circumstance of a return or exchange is NOT refundable.
  • Restocking fees of game tables as charged to us by our warehouse will apply.

Canceling a Return

As long you still have the item in your possession, you can choose to cancel the return. Contact customer service.
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